Prof. Dr. Alexander Strehl - Citations

Google Scholar has identified 7.462 citations for publications as of April 5, 2022. Cluster Ensemble work clearly being the most popular. To read the work, please find it for download in the publications section.

Citations Top 10 April 5, 2022

The count was 2.071 citations for publications as of December 31, 2011.

Citations Top 10 December 31, 2011

Citations Timeline December 31, 2011

Prof. Dr. Alexander Strehl - Academic Lineage

Each following line contains the PhD advisor. Lines are indented only if more than one advisor exists. May appear impressive, but the mathematical circles were much smaller and closely knit in the mid-1800s and earlier.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Strehl - Erdős Number 4

The Erdős number describes the "collaborative distance" between a person and mathematician Paul Erdős, as measured by authorship of mathematical papers. It was surprising to find a path to Erdős. However, 4 is only slightly below median amongst those who have finite Erdős numbers.

    Paul Erdős
  1. Frank Harary (with Erdős in 1980 - Residually-complete graphs)
  2. Miroslaw Malek (with Harary in 1990 - Quantifying fault recovery in multiprocessor systems)
  3. J. K. Aggarwal (with Malek in 1984 - Workstations in a Local Area Network Environment)
  4. Alexander Strehl (with Aggarwal in 2000 - MODEEP: a motion-based object detection and pose estimation method for airborne FLIR sequences)

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